Just the right amount of creepy

The Church of Bones in Kutna Hora, just outside of Prague, was definitely the most amazing church I have ever visited! It was eerily beautiful and was so thought provoking. I first heard of this place after watching the Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor documentary The Long Way Down and the Long Way Round. I can’t remember which one it featured on but I was recommended the books and DVDs from an old friend while travelling around the United Kingdom. I think they had either just left or finished the trip when I was over there. Either way, it inspired me to go there.
Getting to and from Kutna Hora was an adventure all on its own. As Prague is an eastern European city, and hasn’t always been a place tourists flocked, it lacks the signs which say the Czech word and English word together. So, getting around the train station and trying to get tickets (via non-English speaking staff) was quite an experience. Then we had to make sure we got on the right train and off at the right station. Fortunately we met a tour guide on the 1-2 hour train trip, who explained you must get off the train and then onto the local train. God only knows how we would have found the church if not for this man. So, after a short and might I add beautiful walk through the town of Kutna Hora, we finally made it. Lion and I spent a lot of time walking around the ossuary, reading about the bones and also photographing the creative works of art.
Then came the trickiest part of our journey, getting home. We made it onto the right train after almost getting on the wrong ones a couple of times. Then got to the main train station to find out the train that was to pick us up would not go all the way back to Prague. So, we had to get off the train where no one spoke any English and swap trains. However, we had the choice of two and after speaking to a number of people trying to work out which one was which we jumped on one and prayed it was the right one. Fortunately for us, it was.



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