Finding the perfect travel buddy

FOR seven years I had been travelling alone. Then came along my boyfriend. Some backpackers would say that could throw a spanner in the works and at first I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. But, my boyfriend of two years has fit into the world of backpacking surprisingly well, despite a few moments when he was obviously completely overwhelmed by the lack of comforts when travelling this way. 

I had similar thoughts when I started backpacking in 2007. How do I shower and get changed in a shower cubicle with no bench or hangers? How do you hang up the wet clothes that can’t go in the dryer? And what happens if you need to rest during the hours you are not permitted into the hostel, due to cleaning?

Last night, while in San Francisco, due to washing our clothes late, we ran out of time to get them all dry. Thus, the question how do you dry clothes without a clothes horse or dryer, in a room where there are no hooks? Lets just say this was the question or straw that broke the camels (my boyfriend’s) back. 

This morning, after temporarily checking out of our hostel (room change), we took our 15 items of clothing to the nearby park, which had a couple of picnic tables and chairs. We laid all the clothes out in the sun and waited for two hours until they dried.

Queue the National Parks officer and accompanying police officer. I don’t know if there was a complaint made about “two hood-rats” loitering or two homeless people airing their clothes, but the two men with badges came an d grilled/interogated us. Their first question, which was very obvious was: “what are you two doing here”. To which I replied: “Trying to dry our clothes because the hostel laundry wasn’t open until 4pm”. He said “do you two have any alcohol or marjuana on you?” I innocently said: “No”. To which he asked another question about when the last time I smoked any marjuana. My next response shocked me, as I never lie to police, but I said it without thinking: “2004” (it was actually 2008). And then I followed that up with “We are good, I promise”.


I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list


NOTHING is more exciting than the anticipation of your next adventure.

I started travelling seven years ago as a solo backpacker and this upcoming trip will be the first time to share the experience with someone I love.

Although the prospect of travelling with my boyfriend of two-years is unnerving, I know we will be fine because we have lived together since six weeks after meeting.

Our plans for the trip are finalised and now all that is left to do is pack.

We are hoping to only take 10kg each in our packs, but secretly I am praying it is less.

Kristy and Lion’s World Tour starts on June 13 and finishes on August 1, 2014.

I will keep you posted on our day-to-day movements and share with you what we experience.

Happy travelling 🙂

Twosome travel, a new adventure

Kristy and Lion Kristy and Lion will travel together for the 1st time around the world in June 2014.

WE are 5 1/2  months or 164 days away from leaving Australia to head abroad for 50 days. To say I am excited is an understatement, but I am also worried because the only things we have done are book our main flights to each country and purchase a backpack and some necessary travel items.

When it comes to travelling I am used to having my whole world on my back, and flying solo. This trip to the US, EU, Dubai and Singapore will be a whole different ball game, backpacking with my boyfriend of two years.

I guess, when it is only me to worry about, it doesn’t matter if I am stuck sleeping on the floor of a friends hostel room because all the bunks are taken, catching an overnight bus to a new city because all the cheap accommodation is booked out or having to crash on the roof of a hostel in Greece with Irish hippies because the hostel manager gave away our beds. On this trip I will not just be responsible for my life, but also my “virgin-traveller” boyfriend. It is quite a load to bear, and it may be why I am dragging my feet when it comes to booking all the accommodation and organising everything else. To get the ball rolling this month we need to organise my boyfriend’s passport, book our last flight from Las Vegas to New York, then organise our stops in Europe as well as book a bit of our accommodation – mainly in the US.  Hopefully this will  slowly ease myself into travelling in a two-some. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much looking forward to the new adventure of travelling with my partner, and as I am travelling to a number of places I have already been – the real adventure will be sharing the amazing experiences with the love of my life.

Wish me luck.