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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

10474686_10152256363507198_121762171010154429_nLAS  Vegas is the decadence capital of the world. Wherelse can you eat,drink, sleep, gamble, shop or have sex as much as you want, with as many people as you want (paid for or not)?

There is no denying this city of sins appeals to a broad range of people. Maybe not those with strong religious ties, but the majority of us.

For me, on this world tour, it is the cities lack of depth that appeals to me.

I can take what I want from this city and no one will judge me. If I want to laze in bed till 3pm in the afternoon, eat one meal a day, drink a carton of beer and gamble away, then so be it. Unlike other cities where you have to make the most of every second to fit in all the sightseeing, you can do as little or as much in Las Vegas.

The best thing about Vegas is its proximity to the Grand Canyon and the over-abundance of tours to one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Against the expert advice of friends and fellow travellers we opted against the helicopter flight over the canyon (which I had done in 2012) and renting a car and went on a Grayline bus tour and despite it taking 20 hours from leaving our hotel till getting back, it was the right option for us. When on holidays I prefer not to put added pressure on myself. Travelling is already stressful enought on a marathon journey like ours, and you have to pick your battles.

This is my second trip to Sin City and both times I chose to stay at Circus Circus, a hotel which is 45 years old, not for its low rates but for its character and distance from The Strip. Sure I could have stayed smack bang in the middle of the craziness that is any hour of the day or night in the heart of The Strip, but I prefer low key chaos. And Circus Circus is this personified.

Just remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.


I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list


NOTHING is more exciting than the anticipation of your next adventure.

I started travelling seven years ago as a solo backpacker and this upcoming trip will be the first time to share the experience with someone I love.

Although the prospect of travelling with my boyfriend of two-years is unnerving, I know we will be fine because we have lived together since six weeks after meeting.

Our plans for the trip are finalised and now all that is left to do is pack.

We are hoping to only take 10kg each in our packs, but secretly I am praying it is less.

Kristy and Lion’s World Tour starts on June 13 and finishes on August 1, 2014.

I will keep you posted on our day-to-day movements and share with you what we experience.

Happy travelling 🙂